Anaïs Urlichs

Open Source Developer Advocate

Aqua Security

Anaïs is an Open Source Developer Advocate at Aqua Security, CNCF Ambassador, and runs her own YouTube Channel centered around Kubernetes. Before Aqua Anaïs was an SRE at Kubernetes platform provider Civo and pior to that a Developer Evangelist at Codefresh. She has worked in the blockchain space, contributing to the Community Management and Developer Relations of open source projects. Her passion lies in making tools and projects more accessible to developers and community members.

Security First — The Benefits of Integrating Security Tools into Your GitOps Workflow

GitOps allows us to empower engineers to test and deploy workloads independent of the infrastructure teams. Most of the time, these workloads focus on the application stack. Thus, security is often perceived and integrated as a secondary element in our deployment pipeline. This will result in gaps in our security scanning.

However, GitOps best practices are highly similar to security best practices and goals, which makes it easier to achieve both with the same tooling.
This talk will explore the overlap between Security and GitOps processes. Through a demo, Anais will highlight the benefits for engineers of integrating security tools into your GitOps workflow.


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