Brice Fernandes

Sr. Solutions Architect


Brice fell in love with programming while studying physics and never really looked back since. He has a broad technology background that covers everything from embedded C to backendless browser apps using the trendiest javascript frameworks. He taught Game Development and Functional Programming online and founded his own education platform for developers before joining Weaveworks. He now spends his time helping companies make the most of Kubernetes.

Workshop: Getting Started with GitOps

In this hands-on workshop we’ll go through setting up a GitOps pipeline to manage your applications. We’ll take the latest version of Flux v2 (the GitOps toolkit) and go through installing and configuring it for our Kubernetes clusters. After this workshop you’ll be ready to use the GitOps Toolkit to manage your own applications.


  • Basic knowledge of the kubectl command line
  • Familiarity with Git