Bryan Oliver

VP Cloud Engineering


I’m an avid technologist that is constantly experimenting and learning. I’ve given over 20 public talks/presentations via meetups/confs/etc. I’ve started to attempt to gather the ones I can find on my website (under the /talks tab). I love all things Gitops, Infra as Code, and Kubernetes.

GitOps and Flux Scaled to Hundreds of Developers

Is your SDLC written by/for the auditors?
Let’s review and demo a scalable GitOps model for your 200+ services development organization, using Flux with GitHub Actions workflows. We will explain the Config Repository pattern and how it satisfies some enterprise requirements. The demo is focused on an Image Updater bot that manages upgrades to base images so a platform support team can support many downstream developers in an automated way. All while ensuring their product remains compliant with security scans. The Image Updater Bot demo is written in TypeScript, to depend on GitOps Toolkit components.


Twitter: @olivercodes | GitHub | LinkedIn | Website