Dan “POP” Papandrea

Director of Opensource Community and Ecosystem


Dan “POP” Papandrea is the Lead-Open Source Community and Ecosystem @ Sysdig and is a CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) and CNCF Ambassador and CDF Ambassador POP spends his days learning and contributing to the orchestration and container ecosystem as well as working with customers on understanding their unique environments and how Sysdig can help them with their end project goals. Prior to Sysdig, POP was a lead solution architect for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Helion business unit as well as the Director of IT, Principal Solutions Architect, Product Manager at SS&C Technologies a multinational financial services solution company. POP is the host of the hit podcast The POPCAST by Dan POP which explores the leaders and creators and stories behind the code.

GitOps and Runtime Security – Your Cookies Need a New Recipe

Runtime Security is hard. Tools like Falco and Flux individually are great…combined in proven “recipes” that address current and future concerns are key.  This talk will use cookie baking as an analogy to how to combine the tools in ways you can bring home and “bake in your own oven.”

The story of GitOps is that it allows for sustainable, collaborative maintenance of many workloads across your compute clusters.
The power of Kubernetes is that it gives you API’s to express how these workloads should behave.
It’s possible to ensure that these workloads stay secure by keeping runtime security rules in Git.


Twitter: @danpopnyc