Dmitry Stolyarov

CTO & Co-Founder


Dmitry Stolyarov co-founded Flant a decade ago, and since then, he leads the company in all technical efforts as CTO. Having 15 years of experience in Linux and SRE, more than a decade with containers in Linux, and working on solving problems around Continuous Delivery, Dmitry is very passionate about Kubernetes, containers, and CI/CD.

Collaboration with the Flant company gives Dmitry not only a wonderful team of 70 engineers but also the priceless ability to evaluate and integrate his ideas into more than 150 Kubernetes clusters running atop of all possible infrastructures (including major cloud providers, OpenStack, vSphere and bare metal servers) and serving 1000+ applications developed by 100+ Flant customers.

“After Hours”: Introduction to werf

Introduction to werf: Another view on GitOps

This talk presents another approach to GitOps that does not require a reconciliation operator. It will be followed by a short introduction to werf ( – simple tool to implement this approach.