Donal Spring

Senior Architect

Red Hat

Donal is Senior Architect working for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in London. He is a passionate techie who loves all things automation and agile!

GitOpsify All The Things 🔨 – Tools, Apps, Even Your Organisation and Teams!

Basically GitOps is here to solve the “how do I make my Kubernetes Cluster reflect what I have in Git” problem. However there is more that GitOps can offer beyond Deployments and ConfigMaps (etc) especially for an organization that would like to adopt DevOps *culture* and *practices*.
Having a GitOps approach in place means not only that you care about Git hashes and pull requests but also have visibility on the products and more importantly the teams too. Applying GitOps to onboarding and scaling your IT Delivery capability can massively accelerate your responsiveness to the market or global events such as a world wide pandemic. A GitOps approach can provide a better experience for creating repeatable environments and tooling for new teams as well as existing ones. It can also deliver a better production experience for migrating existing applications and quick adoption for dynamic team structures.

In this talk, we’d like to share how we implemented this approach and the benefit gained for a market leading Airline, using Helm3 and ArgoCD on Red Hat OpenShift. We’ll also discuss the limitations and pitfalls we encountered when driving GitOps adoption in a heavily siloed organization.


Twitter: @spring_do