Giovanni Galloro

Customer Engineer


Giovanni Galloro works at Google since 2017 as an Application Modernization Customer Engineer, helping different kinds of organizations in deploying new applications or modernize existing ones using Containers, Kubernetes, GKE, Istio, Continuous Delivery and all the tools and practices related to DevOps and Cloud Native architectures. Before Google, he worked at Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware and HP, following the evolution of application platforms over the past 20 years.

Using Source Code Management Patterns to Configure and Secure your Kubernetes Clusters

In this session we will show how to set up, from scratch, a git repository to centrally manage, with Anthos Config Management, all the configurations and security policies of multiple Kubernetes clusters in different environments, using git as the source of truth and applying the processes typically used in source code lifecycle. We will also explore what is possible to do with ACM Policy Controller, based on Open Policy Agent Gatekeeper, and configure constraints to enforce many of the possible security policies that an enterprise organization would require.


Twitter: @ggalloro