Jason Morgan

Technical Evangelist


Jason Morgan is Technical Evangelist for Linkerd at Buoyant and co-chair of the CNCF Business Value Subcommittee. Passionate about helping others on their cloud native journey, Jason educates engineers on Linkerd, the original service mesh. You might have encountered his articles in The New Stack, where he breaks complex technology concepts down for a broader audience. Before joining Bouyant, Jason worked at Pivotal and VMware Tanzu.

Handling Dependencies with Flux

Kubernetes provides a simple way to apply configuration against a cluster but sometimes the order of operations matters. Using a tool like a service mesh requires that the control plane and proxy injector, a mutating webhook, be ready before you install your applications. We’ll walk through how to use Flux’s dependency manager to ensure that your apps get added to your mesh every time.


Twitter: @rjasonmorgan