Javeria Khan

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Palo Alto Networks

Javeria Khan is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer. She is an electrical engineer by degree, and has been working in the software & systems domain for the past 6 years. In her current position, she supports multiple GKE and on-prem Kubernetes clusters, along with their CI/CD pipelines. As a part of different infrastructure teams, she has experience managing high volume deployments and supporting infrastructure buildup with a special focus on using CI/CD to aid developer productivity and keeping the infrastructure running.

GitOps Practitioner Highlight

“GitOps Conversation Kit” Roundtable Day 2

GitOps Practitioner Highlight – Palo Alto Networks

Javeria will talk about her journey to GitOps at different size companies and the present GitOps stack for on-prem. The talk and Q&A will also cover the value that GitOps brings to various teams, such as better collaboration, security and reduced dependencies on specific individuals.


“GitOps Conversation Kit” Roundtable Day 2

Guests will talk about how they shared the idea of GitOps with their dev and platform teams: useful links, perspectives, conversations, and brown bags. They will share what worked or didn’t resonate based on different team needs and cultures.