Josh Callis

DevOps Engineer

Josh is a DevOps Engineer at OSO. He started his journey as a senior software engineer, but it was actually after working with Flux that led him to where he is now.  He made the jump to DevOps and hasn’t looked back.  He loves how building a rapid feedback loop enabled him to validate code in real time, and wants to share this with the world!

He is a big fan of keeping up to date with the latest automation technologies, and helping clients to reap the benefits with their own teams. Working at OSO has been a great fit given their strap-line is ‘Emerging Technology’!

Key Learnings Migrating from Flux1 to Flux2

OSO uses Flux daily for all their clients, as well as for internal products and to showcase concepts to clients and the community. Josh has been working on deploying Apache Kafka within Kubernetes using Flux.  The transition from Flux 1 to Flux 2 offered so many benefits, but primarily it  made managing multiple clusters much easier. A lot was learned along the way and it is these lessons and best practices Josh will share during this session.


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