Jürgen Etzlstorfer

Technology Strategist


Jürgen is a Technology Strategist in the Innovation Lab at Dynatrace and an active contributor to open-source. He is a maintainer of the Keptn CNCF Sandbox project and especially interested in connecting the CNCF ecosystem by building upon integrations with other CNCF projects. His expertise specializes in CI/CD, operations automation, and open-source ecosystems.

Orchestrating SLO-driven Multi-stage Delivery with Keptn: Merging GitOps and Data-driven Delivery

GitOps has been proven to be a great vehicle to manage the synchronization of configuration to e.g., Kubernetes clusters, and therefore to control the delivery of new applications.
Keptn builds upon this approach by defining a multi-stage delivery with quality-gates that act as a gatekeeper before new software is pushed into production. Keptn uses both GitOps as well as a data-driven approach to orchestrate delivery, test automation, notification, and other tools.

In this presentation, Keptn maintainer Jürgen Etzlstorfer is going to present how GitOps and event-based tooling can be combined to build a multi-stage delivery platform that is open for tool integrations and he will share how this approach is already adopted in the CNCF ecosystem.


Twitter: @jetzlstorfer