Justin Cormack



Justin Cormack is the CTO for Docker. He has been at Docker since 2015, as a senior engineer in security and as a maintainer of Docker’s open source projects. He is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee for the Cloud Native Security Foundation, helping grow projects and community in the cloud native space.

GitOps: The Next Five Years

GitOps has been around for nearly five years now. In this talk I look towards the next five years by taking some open design areas and taking a look at directions we could take as GitOps grows. How does GitOps relate to the supply chain security improvements we need to make in the next few years? What is the relationship between GitOps and registries and other artifact stores? Is it GitOps without git? A recent Thoughtworks Radar said long lived deployment branches are too complicated to manage, are we going to be able to cope with GitOps at scale? This talk will explore some possible answers and exciting directions.