Lei (Harry) Zhang

Staff Engineer

Alibaba Cloud

Lei is a member and co-maintainer of the Kubernetes community and is now co-leading the Kubernetes & OSS effort ta Alibaba Group. Lei has been engaged in the Kubernetes project since 2015 and is also a member of KataContainers community.

Building Web-Scale Internal Developer Platform in Alibaba

In this talk, we will share Alibaba’s journey of building modern Internal Developer Platform (IDP) with Kubernetes and beyond. Including:

  1. Goal and purpose – why we built such infrastructure.
  2. Is it a PaaS? (hint: yes and no)
  3. Do we use GitOps? (hint: yes and no)
  4. Do we use IaC? (hint: yes and no)
  5. The scale and current status.
  6. Lessons learned.

This system has become the foundation of Alibaba’s core application infrastructure and served more than thousands of developers from both internal and external.