Ludovic Piot

DevOps & Cloud Architect


Ludovic felt into _DevOps_ in 2004 with first _Infra as Code_ deployments on _bare-metal_ blade servers. He’s found of empowering project teams through automated tools and friendly collaboration, and then welcome `Docker` and `Kubernetes` as the ultimate tools to leverage his favorite practice. Through meetups, conferences and forums, he shares his love for _cloud_, _infra as code_, _devops_ and performance topics.

— French version —
Ludovic est tombé dans le _DevOps_ en 2004, soit… 3 ans avant l’invention du mot _DevOps_. 😉 A l’époque, il fait des déploiements en _Infra as Code_ sur les premiers serveurs blade, en _bare-metal_. Il adore aider les équipes projet à gagner en autonomie via l’usage d’outils et d’automatisation et à travers une collaboration libre et sans contrainte. C’est donc tout naturellement qu’il a accueilli `Docker` et `Kubernetes` comme les outils ultimes pour l’aider dans sa marotte favorite. En _meetups_ comme en conférences, il aime partager son amour pour le _Cloud_, l’_Infra as Code_, le _DevOps_ et les sujets d’optimisation de performance.

GitOps, A Slightly Realistic Situation on Kubernetes with Flux

You’re tired of talks that deploy hello-worlds to demonstrate the relevance of the younameit tool. That’s good news: what we’re interested in is trying out a slightly realistic DevSecOps situation. So we’re going to build a step-by-step enterprise scenario where devs and ops collaborate on a daily basis around a GitOps workflow based on Kubernetes and Flux. The dev teams deploy / update / rollback Pokémon WebApps using Kustomize and/or Helm charts. On the Ops side, we take care of the platform’s security issues by implementing Kyverno: segregation of team rights, WebApps network flows and control of activities on the cluster. And we monitor everything via Prometheus and Grafana. Finally, we will see how to articulate upgrade and configuration while respecting the blue/green pattern and canary deployment, thanks to Istio. At the end of this hands-on, you may have discovered some technologies. But above all you will have seen how to implement them in a dev-to-prod process that resembles a real case.


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