Mae Large

Architecture Manager

State Farm

I’m currently an Architecture Manager at State Farm. I’ve worked as a software developer throughout my career starting in the Philippines where I was born and raised. I had the opportunity to work in Finland and in India at a consulting capacity before joining State Farm in 2006 first as a consultant, and a permanent employee in 2010.

I own and drive the Delivery Engineering topic at State Farm where I continuously simplify how code change ultimately makes it to the hands of our customers.

From Wild West to Flux Multi-Tenancy

At State Farm we run a large multi-tenant on-prem kubernetes cluster (200 namespaces per data center). Kubernetes adoption at State Farm quickly took off with heavy reliance on a centralized k8s admin team that took care of cluster administration. In this talk we will share how the State Farm GitOps team helped to:

  • Simplify application deployment while meeting compliance requirements
  • Enable the admin team to handle scale, embrace the declarative nature of kubernetes, increase transparency, and mature the shared responsibility model between administrators and consumers of our kubernetes platform

Relevance to GitOps: Outside of the many successes realized with the adoption of GitOps at State Farm – our story showcases that adoption of GitOps even in an already well-established multi-tenant cluster is possible. The benefits that we harvest from Flux Multi-Tenancy continues to bring us more opportunities.


Twitter: @maylarge