Mahmoud Saada

Customer Reliability Engineer


As a certified Kubernetes administrator, Mahmoud is experienced in working with cloud native applications and infrastructure in both start up and enterprise environments. Over the past years working as a software and site reliability engineer for a variety of industries such as HR, AI and finance, he developed a deep passion for delivering outstanding experiences for customers and engineers. Before joining Weaveworks as a Customer Reliability Engineer, he worked at ADP and regularly speaks at meetups such as NYC Docker and NYC Uber’s Distributed Tracing.

Case Study with Fidelity Investments: Helm 2 Deprecation and What it Means for you

Helm 2 support ends today! (November 13) and Helm maintainer, Scott Rigby, will kick off this talk with key tips and considerations to keep in mind. Kishore Goduguluri (Fidelity Investments) and Mahmoud Saada will join and share Fidelity’s journey to adopting Gitops, demo how they did their Helm 2 to 3 migration using Flux, and talk about their Kraan project and Helm chart.