Marcel Fest

DevOps Engineer

Deutsche Telekom

Marcel Fest is a DevOps Engineer at Deutsch Telekom Technik. He is responsible for Network, Monitoring and Policies on the DAS SCHIFF platform.

How we sailed into Production – GitOps-based CaaS at Deutsche Telekom

At DT Technik we have built our own Kubernetes platform “Das Schiff” which we offer to our internal customers as a managed service. It is based around FluxCD and cluster-api and brings GitOps to the centre of large-scale infrastructure management.
In this talk we will share what early mistakes we made adopting GitOps, explain how FluxCD v2 helped us with solving many of those problems and show you how does our current solution looks like. We will also go into detail what benefits we have harvested with GitOps in contrast to other models and which pain points GitOps helped us eliminate/avoid. Finally, we will elaborate our way forward into the rough sea of 100s of clusters.


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