Marco Amador

Chapter Lead for Data Engineering and SRE


Marco is an experienced Software Engineer, an enthusiast of Open Source and Cloud-Native culture and practices. Marco has been working for a wide range of industries, from Telco, Urban Mobility, Media Intelligence, to the Industrial Internet of Things. He’s currently the Chapter Lead for Data Engineering and SRE at ANOVA, helping to build the Data Mesh and the IIoT Cloud-Native Platform for a diverse set of industries: Industrial Gas, Rail, Energy, Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, and others.

GitOps and Progressive Delivery with Flux, Flagger, & Istio

Organizations that use progressive delivery are able to ship new code faster, reduce risk, and continuously improve customer experience. Progressive delivery is an essential component of DevOps, and feature management is the primary way it works. In this talk, Marco Amador (Anova) will describe their journey into progressive delivery with some hands-on demos and explain why they’ve chosen progressive delivery on their multi-cluster and multi-region Kubernetes cluster.


Twitter: @marcoamador | LinkedIn | GitHub