Michael Hausenblas

Product Developer Advocate


Michael Hausenblas, is a Product Developer Advocate in the AWS container service team, a CNCF Cloud Native Ambassador, and tries to help folks to be successful with containerized workloads. This includes, but is not limited to: container security & compliance (for example OPA), Kubernetes, GitOps, service meshes, observability, Go, Rust, and Arm-based systems.

Everything C-levels always wanted to know about regulatory compliance with GitOps (but were afraid to ask)

GitOps enjoys increasing uptake across verticals. Sometimes we see, however, caution exercised from strongly regulated industries such as health care or financial services. In this talk we will review requirements from such industries around compliance as well as security considerations. We will discuss how GitOps enables high development velocity while not having to compromise on controls and established approval processes.


twitter: @mhausenblas | github: @mhausenblas | website: mhausenblas.info