Philippe Ensarguet

Chief Technology Officer

Orange Business Services

Awarded Trailblazer CTO of the year 2021, Philippe is Senior Tech Executive and currently CTO at Orange Business Services, the Orange Enterprise market company, leading the Telco to Techco strategy and transformation. He has a 25+ years track record in digital transformations with strong achievements in software, automation, cloud, cloud native, and xOps. He is strongly implied in corporate strategy bringing technology impacts, risks, shifts, and opportunities. Philippe is advisor for Orange in two investment funds and advises Orange Ventures, the €350m Orange Corporate VC fund. He is a proud Board Advisor for two startups in tech, Cycloid, and Weaveworks.

GitOps to Overcome the Scaling Wall by Introducing New Operational Models? An Enterprise Market Perspective

In this fireside Chat, Philippe Ensarguet, Chief Technology Officer at Orange Business Services and Weaveworks board advisor, will discuss the challenges and perspectives related to Cloud Native and GitOps, and in particular from the enterprise market point of view. It will be the opportunity to deep dive on the famous Continuous Deployment/Continuous Operation scaling wall to overcome for most of companies engaged in this transformation journey to reach a new operational model that can bring some efficiency and competitivity leeway needed to keep ahead in the competition. During this chat, Philippe will share some insights about their own transformation in a highly converging tech stack gathering Digital, It, Network and Telco Workloads.


Twitter: @P_Ensarguet