Rayce Brossette

Senior Engineering Manager

State Farm

Rayce is a Senior Engineering Manager at State Farm supporting GitOps enablement and championing continuous delivery across several platforms. He has a varied career ranging from Cobol on the Mainframe (yikes), early adoption of Docker and Kubernetes at a large organization, and leading migrations of on-premise legacy applications to the Cloud. Rayce’s passion lies in making technology easier to consume and promoting best practices through community engagement. In addition to his day job driving GitOps adoption, he also maintains several inner-source solutions that make consumption of tools – such as Helm, GitLab Runner, Renovate Bot, Terraform, and many more – easier to use for State Farm Engineers.

Business Benefits at State Farm

GitOps and Flux at State Farm (Technical Deep Dive)

Day 1: Business Benefits at State Farm – Rayce will talk about the benefits of managing scale, money and time savings, and well as security from adopting GitOps with Flux.

Day 2: GitOps and Flux at State Farm (Technical Deep Dive) – Rayce will join Perry Wu to explain the technical aspects of adopting Flux, tools and platforms they used, and where they are in their journey. Join us for this unique opportunity to chat with a GitOps practitioner!