Rosemary Wang

Developer Advocate


Rosemary Wang is a developer advocate at Hashicorp. She is an author, contributor, public speaker, and educator of infrastructure as code, including Kubernetes and HashiCorp Consul, Vault, and Terraform.

Securing Kubernetes Secrets for GitOps with HashiCorp Vault

You use GitOps tools to deploy your applications, but how should you deploy your application’s secrets? In this talk, you’ll learn about three different patterns for injecting secrets into your application managed by GitOps. These patterns include encrypting and pushing secrets to version control, using Kubernetes secrets as an abstraction, or removing awareness of the secret with a file-based approach. Rosemary will outline security and design considerations for each pattern and demonstrate them using Flux and HashiCorp Vault. You’ll be able to assess which patterns work best for your secrets management workflow.


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