Samiya Akhtar

Software Engineer


Samiya is a Software Engineer in the Commercial Software Engineering org in Microsoft, focussing on building OSS tools and projects related to Kubernetes and GitOps. Her most recent project focussed on building an observability tool for GitOps to visualize the journey of the container from source code to the cluster.

Visualizing the GitOps Journey of a container

GitOps has become the de facto approach for enabling simple, secure, and auditable deployments. When you deploy to multiple Kubernetes clusters, knowing where your services are in the GitOps journey can be challenging. It can be almost impossible to track permutations of service versions across clusters with current tools available.

In the session you will:

  • See a comprehensive dashboard view of a container’s journey from code check-in to deployment on Kubernetes clusters
  • Learn concrete patterns for testing in production with GitOps and deployment rings


Twitter: @samiyaakhtar