Scott Rigby

Developer Experience Engineer


I’m a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist and open source software engineer, co-developing experimental cultural projects and emerging technologies. I co-founded the Basekamp art and research group in 1998 and the massively collaborative Plausible Artworlds international network. In technology I enjoy helping develop open source software that anyone can use, these days focusing most of that attention on projects in the cloud native landscape, including Docker, Kubernetes and Helm – where I’m a project org maintainer. In daily decisions large or small, I try to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Helm with “Git Push”

Do you wish you could manage your Helm releases declaratively, with continuous state reconciliation, and make it as easy as “git push”? You can with the Flux Helm Controller!

Scott Rigby, Helm and Flux maintainer, will share the benefits of Helm and GitOps for developers. The talk will cover new Flux Helm Controller features and showcase the awesomeness of Flux and Helm together.