Tony Chong

Principal Solutions Architect


With over 20 years of experience, Tony has played virtually every role in technology. In 2016, as Co-founder & CTO, he raised over 4 million USD in venture capital to help content creators earn a sustainable living wage. Currently, he’s a Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks (formerly Magalix), securing digital transformations for Cloud-Native businesses.

Policy Management & GitOps

GitOps continues to gain broad mindshare with cloud platform teams as they automate continuous delivery and operations of applications and infrastructure. But the risks increase for misconfiguration, resulting in compromised application security and stability. Trusted application delivery adds Policy as Code to the GitOps delivery pipeline. Policies can be applied at commit time providing guard rails for DevOps engineers; even the best engineers make typos.

In this session, the Magalix team will run through these concepts:

  • Why GitOps
  • Flux and Policies
  • How they are important and invaluable to being top-level security to your infrastructure and deployments