Viktor Farcic

Developer Advocate


Viktor Farcic is a Developer Advocate at Upbound, a member of the Google Developer Experts, CDF Ambassadors, and Docker Captains groups, and a published author. His big passions are DevOps, GitOps, Microservices, Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD), and Test-Driven Development (TDD).

He often speaks at community gatherings and conferences. He is a host of the YouTube channel DevOps Toolkit and a co-host of DevOps Paradox. He published The DevOps Toolkit Series and Test-Driven Java Development.


Applying GitOps to Everything with Crossplane + Flux

In this session Viktor will show you how to leverage the extensibility of Crossplane and Flux to apply GitOps not only to applications running in Kubernetes, but to everything (infrastructure, services, applications running anywhere, etc)!


Twitter: @vfarcic| GitHub | LinkedIn