Vuk Gojnic

Squad Leader Kubernetes Engine

Deutsche Telekom

Vuk started working with open-source in 1999 as manager of high performance teams which were developing and building ISP infrastructure completely based on open-source technologies of that time. Ten years later in 2009 he took different path and for next ten years held number of executive management positions in technology as CTO, corporate strategy, b2b commercial management as well as in international management all of these within Deutsche Telekom Group. In 2019 he decided to go back to the roots hands-on again. He now leads team that builds multi-site, multi-cluster, multi-infrastructure, GitOps managed Kubernetes engine for Technology unit of Telekom Deutschland completely based on open-source – what else.  Applications onboarding to this platform are ranging from internal OSS/NMS applications to CNFs (Cloud native Network Functions).

“GitOps Conversation Kit” Roundtable Day 1

Roundtable guests will share how they – as people in leadership – came to see the value of GitOps, what problems the felt it would solve, how they worked to rally GitOps in their organizations, and what more they would like to accomplish.